No Joke, I Feel Good

It worked. I’m not trying to jinx myself over here but I have a really strong feeling that this surgery might be it for me. I don’t know what to do other than run around and yell or something because–holy cow–I think it worked.

At four days post-surgery (appropriately May the Fourth) I had my first post-op appointment with my doctor. He told me he was surprised to see that I actually had a ton of endometriosis. He said it was everywhere.

“When I opened you up, I was like ‘Shoot, I have a lot of work to do.'” Dr. Cook recalled to me and my mom. The endometriosis had run rampant in the six months since my first surgery, attaching itself to both of my ovaries, my uterus, my bladder, my urethra, my colon, my rectum–basically everywhere it could. It took Dr. Cook two and a half hours to remove every bit of endometriosis he saw, including a few cysts and my appendix for good measure.

What’s crazy though, is one of my ovaries was already turning into an endometrioma. This is not a cyst but the endometriosis invading the ovary and changing the tissue of the ovary into something else entirely. Endometriomas mark the end of the line for ovaries. Once that starts happening, they’re basically toast. But because I got the surgery when I did and because I was with a doctor who knew very well how to handle this disease, we were able to catch it just in time and save the ovary that had begun to change. (Hello, Jesus.)

Now do you want to hear the most insane thing?

Aside from soreness from the surgery sites, I’m virtually pain free.

I don’t feel the endometriosis pain I had felt every single day for the last eight or nine months. It may be too early to tell so I’m trying to keep it cool over here but I cannot describe to you what it’s like to grow accustomed to every day pain and then experience relief.

I had forgotten what it was like to not be in pain. It’s a miracle. And my heart is exploding because I feel like I keep saying thank you thank you thank you to Jesus and that doesn’t even cover 1% of my gratitude for and the awe I am in over the miracle He just did in my life. I don’t deserve it but he said “yes” and he placed me in the care of one of His talented creations and used that man’s God-given medical gift to make me better. And now I feel good. So good, in fact, I did’t take any of my heavy pain killers today.

I can’t remember the last time I said “I feel good.”

But I feel good.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus.

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