Rashness & Kicking It

Today I re-learned a few things. First, that I suck at patience. Second, that recovery takes a lot of patience. Third, I am not Wonder Woman.

I am currently paying for all the things I tried to do yesterday. Honestly, it’s hard to not get a little discouraged. Yesterday I felt like a new person. Today I feel sore, stiff, and immobile. But that’s all part of the process and I know it’s worth it. I am thankful for the taste of wellness I got yesterday. I just need to learn to trust and be patient and kick rashness to the curb.

(Which is totally difficult because oh my goodness am I rash.)

On another note, I have a really hard time sleeping through the night these days so I’m sort of a sucker for Psalm 4:8 (the Voice):

Tonight I will sleep securely on a bed of peace
    because I trust You, You alone, O Eternal One, will keep me safe.

[Jesus, help me sleep well tonight and dissolve my fear of being still. I am sorry that I am sometimes terrible at trusting in your timing. But ignore me and do your thing because it is always one billion times better than any idea I had.]

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