I wrote my first book when I was five.

Tom the Turkey: The Biggest Turkey in the World never graced bookstores, but it did hit our local Kinko’s for a ten copy run. It was a full-color, laminated kick-start to a passion I let lie for nearly two decades until the last few brutal and wonderful years poked it with a stick.

As it turns out, both really great things and really bad things make like rocket-fuel for the creative mind. It wasn’t happiness that drove me to write—it wasn’t ambition either. It was the onset of serious struggle.

Somewhere in the middle of that, God blasted on to the scene with a personal and unrelenting love that rocked my circumstances and wove beauty into pain.

In the wake of that wonderful onslaught, this blog was born.

Three years into this journey/story/whatever they call it, my hope is that my honest, stubborn humanness points you to what the heck is really going on here.

Hint: it ain’t me.

And on that note – hello, I’m Hannah Lee, and it’s real nice to meet you.